Saturday, January 12, 2013

Social Friendliness

Let's talk about social friendliness! I mean, I consider myself to be a nice person and a fairly acceptable friend.  I am constantly smiling, asking the people who surround me how they've been and listening to what they have to say.  I am the shoulder my friends  cry on when they need me to be, I do not criticize or complain.  All I am asking for is the same courtesy.

This week, I met up with a lot old acquaintances, colleagues and friends.  Apparently, despite me being a very good friend, I lack in the department of being socially friendly. And so, I have been thinking...what is so wrong about that? What is the point of being in a social environment where you are required to idly chat with people you do not necessarily want to be around or be associated with?  I am not talking about business networking events either, polite and professional I can deal with.  Keeping up an awkward conversation with a person I would rather never see again and not being able to be rude because they are a friend of a friend drives me up the wall.

I used to think I was shy in social situations, and that would be my excuse for not talking to people who were not my friends during parties or nights out.  Then I thought that it just takes me a bit longer to warm up to others.  Now, I have come to realize that I just do not care what people have to say if it is not a topic that I am interested in. Therefore, if I will not acquire any knowledge or amusement form a conversation, why waist my time at all.

One of my colleagues likes to say that I am a "nice" snob...I should be insulted, I know I should...I just do not understand how she thinks it to be a compliment.  My best friend says that I have to analyze a person for quite awhile before a deem it acceptable to associate myself with them. least my colleague said I was nice.  My own mother, tells me I am rude because I just say a general hello to her friends when they are around her as apposed to their daughters who go around the room and greet everyone individually. Waste of time or "socially acceptable"?  Why should I even care?  Is it so wrong to not want to be fake with people? When did being polite and being socially acceptable stop correlating? I would really like to find out.

Until next time

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

Well, 2012 is finally over and I am planning on making the most out of 2013.  This year is going to be my reinvention year...or, at least that is what I am hoping it will be.  I know what you are thinking, here we go again, a new year, new promises about becoming thinner and hitting the gym, but, although these two "resolutions" may have been on the top of my 2012 list, they are not as important when starting 2013.

So, without further ado... My first resolution is to get a new career. After working as a teller for the past five years and getting my Bachelor Degree in June, I am ready to start a "grown-up" career that has nothing to do with finance or sales.

My second resolution is to see my friends more.  Unfortunately, between school and work and just mainly growing up and having more responsibilities, I have lost touch with a lot of my friends, or I do not get to see them as much as I would like.  So, in order to make sure my trend does not continue, I am going to try and see one group of friends at least once a week.

Third resolution is quite boring but needs to be said out in the open: Get Organized. Just because...

Forth resolution is to do what I want without taking others into consideration.  It might sound selfish, but I think it is high time I became this way.  After putting everyone's wants and needs first for most of my life, a little selfishness is just what the doctor ordered.

Finally my last resolution is to wright more, cook more and be healthier, both physically and mentally (did you see how I disguised losing weight? :P ).  In order to meet this goal, I have started this blog, which I will update on a weekly basis about...well I am not sure yet, but I guess we will find out. I will try to cook more, which not only makes me happy, but also contributes to my health, making me lose weight because I will not be eating out as often as I now do.

I really hope I will be able to accomplish these goals. I guess only time will tell if I will or won't.  Until next time...